What is PhiWiki?

On March 20, 2022, I created a wiki platform called PhiWiki for more organized and professional notes or study guides, as well as better collaboration in education. The idea behind it is that any student, teacher, or other person can add content to the platform. Since these contents can be read by all PhiWiki members, it should motivate you to write high-quality texts on a specific topic. Thus, you are motivated to learn topics more deeply in order to present them correctly, concisely, and understandably in the form of a PhiWiki article.

Expectations for the quality of an article are correspondingly high. I expect that the articles do not contain any spelling or grammar errors. Furthermore, they must be objective. It is also desirable to support information in the article with references. For a clear structure, you should organize the articles sensibly and assign them to appropriate (preferably existing) categories.

Of course, you don’t have to create articles only. Instead, you can also improve or supplement existing articles.

In addition, PhiWiki should not only include educational topics. Instead, you can write articles on many other things that interest you. For example, I created the “Hobbies” section where you can share your knowledge in a specific area. Of course, you can also add your own sections. Please pay attention to the clarity in the wiki and categorize the articles again.

Have I convinced you to contribute to the wiki? Don’t have an account yet? Then apply for your account now and notify me with a short email so that I can process the request.

Who can use PhiWiki?

Teachers are also very welcome in PhiWiki, as they can control the students’ existing content with their expertise. For teachers, the platform can also be very helpful in creating structured overviews of teaching-relevant topics in a modern, accessible way from anywhere.

Those who have no interest in contributing to PhiWiki are less welcome. However, I will accept such users, as many as possible should benefit from the wiki.

Those who deliberately fill the wiki with false information (which fortunately has not yet occurred) are not welcome. Such users will be blocked directly by me.

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