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For years, I was with discount providers in the Telefónica/O2 network because of the good price-performance ratio. However, the coverage was rather poor, especially in more remote areas. Then I switched to Vodafone and found that the coverage was often even worse.

Now I have switched to fraenk. Here are the points that led me to this decision:

  • 5G Telekom network with the best coverage in Germany
  • EU roaming plus Switzerland, Great Britain, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Iceland
  • Comparatively low price of only €10 per month for over 12 GB; no connection fee
  • Monthly cancellable and no contract term
  • Sign up directly via the app, with number portability and the option for future activation
  • eSIM support (in addition to the physical SIM)

When I first read about it, I thought: “This is exactly how a mobile contract should be. Uncomplicated, good reception, not too expensive, and cancellable monthly.”

Although the download and upload speeds of 25 Mbit/s and 10 Mbit/s aren’t the fastest, it’s already enough for 4K videos. I don’t need extremely high speeds since I’m not downloading GTA 5 on my phone while on the go. Additionally, high speeds are practically only available directly under the 5G mast: Waves with high frequencies (like those of 5G) have lower penetration capabilities.

What I need is a stable and good network, which is definitely given here (it doesn’t get better in Germany). The bonus is the free roaming in non-EU countries. This would have saved me the €70 in Liechtenstein, where I accidentally activated roaming for one minute…

If you are also looking for such a mobile contract, feel free to use my referral code under the “fraenk for friends” program! We both get an extra 4 GB per month (until 30/06/2024, after that 2 GB). For you, this means: 12 + 4 GB in the 5G Telekom network for a permanent €10 per month (no connection fee).

My recommendation code for extra GBs per month


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